Discount Locksmith was recently on local ABC15 Arizona news sharing tips on how to affordably improve your home security.

On a recent local news segment, Discount Locksmith had the opportunity to offer advice and demonstrate ways in which you can easily and affordably improve your home security.

To start, just the appearance of security can help deter would be burglars. Most burglars are looking for easy targets and simple things such as alarm and security yard signs and window stickers may be enough to convince robbers to skip your home and move on to an easier target. There are also lot’s of cheap upgrades you can make to help secure your home such as door security bars, window locks and door flip latches. You also want to make sure all exterior doors have reinforced frames, deadbolts, and that sliding doors have pins to prevent the door from being lifted off the tracks and a security bar to prevent the door from sliding open. Many door locks and deadbolts can be easily picked so it’s recommended to install high security locks that are almost impossible to pick or bump.